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Nintendo concerned about your body, launching Wii Fit Body Check Channel


Previously, they were content to let you use their games to monitor how much you weighed and how often you walked, but now Nintendo of Japan is showing an increased interest in what's going on with your body. In April, they will launch the "Wii Fit Body Check Channel", a Wii channel co-developed with NEC, Hitachi, and Panasonic Medical Solutions.

The Channel will allow users to send BMI data from Wii Fit as well as the step data recorded from the Personal Trainer: Walking pedometer, and receive personalized guidance from health professionals about how to stay healthy. Our predictions: if you are only sending in data from one game, you will be told, "Maybe you should buy the other game too".

It's possible that this Japanese channel relates to the "Nintendo Active Health" trademark registered in Europe earlier this month. If it does refer to the same initiative, then Nintendo may be planning to offer health advice worldwide! Good news for people who want a game company all up in their business.

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