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One Shots: One day my ships will come

One of the things many people have remarked on Warhammer Online's launch is the look of water in the game. Perhaps it may seem a small, immaterial thing to some, but creating good-looking water in video games requires a fair amount of work to achieve. Today's One Shots was sent in to us by Skurmish of Karak-Eight-Peaks, who captured this great image while looking out to sea. He notes that it was "just a quick screenie taken on the shores of Nordenwatch. I thought it was a striking shot." It most certainly is, Skurmish.

If you're fond of the look of your world, why not show off what you think is awesome about it? We accept screenshots from all MMOs - from small indie studios to huge companies. Just email your screenshot to us at oneshots AT massively DOT com along with your name, the game and location it comes from. We'll do the rest.

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