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Onechanbara video features Bikini Zombie Slaying for once


Following the recent Onechanbara: Bikini Zombie Slayers trailers, we feel obligated to warn you that the one after the post break contains real gameplay footage. If you came in hoping for more oatmeal-faced zombie analogues mugging in pseudo-sitcom vignettes, you will be disappointed. However, those of you who wanted to see bikini-clad ladies cleanly slicing through hundreds and hundreds of zombies will be well-served by this surprisingly excellent-looking trailer. And if you want more footage, IGN has a few new videos as well.

We don't know which hypothetical group of Onechanbara fans would be considered weirder. We won't make any judgments, in any case. This is a safe place to like Onechanbara.

[Thanks, yanya!]


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