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Verizon reports 15% increase in earnings, thanks wireless, broadband units


Things haven't been quite so rosy for some of its rivals, but it looks like Verizon is at least managing to keep its head above water for the time being, with the company now reporting that its fourth quarter earnings rose a relatively impressive 15%, which is being largely attributed to growth in its wireless and broadband units. In cold hard cash terms, that translates to a net income of $1.24 billion on $24.6 billion in revenue, which is just ever so slightly shy of the $24.76 billion analysts have been forecasting. In less positive news, however, the company says it netted just 1.4 million customer additions in the quarter, which is down from 1.5 million the previous quarter, and a full 2 million in the fourth quarter of 2007. Hit up the link below for the complete rundown of the numbers.

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