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Comic-Con 09: Warhammer Online pulling out all the stops

Brooke Pilley

Get ready for WAR, comic geeks (it's a rule that geeks can call other geeks geeks)! Paul Barnett and Jeff Hickman of Mythic Entertainment will be leading a team of Warhammer Online developers and community managers to New York Comic Con '09 next weekend (Feb. 6-8), and by the looks of their ambitious schedule, it seems they really want to impress new and old fans alike. For a full list of NYCC events for the hardcore gamer, check out the official NYCC-09 gaming page.

Their booth (#1449) will be set up all weekend and should he a hive of activity where attendees can chat with the WAR team, mingle with other players, nab some sweet swag, and check out the latest WAR gear. Saturday, Feb. 7 will be their busiest day, starting with Jeff and Paul hosting a presentation chock-full of goodies about Call to Arms, Bitter Rivals, and the two new careers (Room #1A08 @ 11:15AM). This will be followed by poster signings at 2:30PM, a MMO Round Table discussion at 5:30PM (Room #1A24), and a Dev Meet & Greet at 9:00PM (Dave & Busters Time Square). Not to be outdone, Sunday, Feb. 8 will feature an RvR competition starting at 12:00PM where teams of nine will battle in a best two out of three elimination match. Premade characters will be provided and the winners will earn "awesome" in-game items and renown as the first official WAR RvR Tournament champions.

Further details below the cut...

The first 50 people to RSVP via email ( and show up at the actual event will receive free t-shirts. You can also pre-register your 9v9 WAR RvR Tournament team via email by sending your team name and a list of teammates to A full team isn't required for registration as they'll try their best to form pick-up groups, however, we all know how well PuGs do versus premades most of the time, don't we!

Overall, this event seems like it will deliver a lot of great information about Warhammer Online and energize both new and old fans. Players have been raving that Mythic has been improving WAR by leaps and bounds since release and NYCC-09 seems as good an opportunity as ever to jump on board, get the latest juicy gossip, and check out all the new improvements for yourself. Unfortunately, this Canadian won't be there to partake in the NYCC festivites, however, I may have an opportunity to catch up with Mythic at Toronto Games Day 2009 in June. Fingers crossed.

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