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Mario & Luigi RPG 3!!! site opens with new video


With the February 11 release of Mario & Luigi RPG 3!!!, the sequel so exciting it provides its own exclamation points, rapidly approaching, Nintendo of Japan has launched a series of ads, which should look familiar if you've watched Nintendo ads of any kind in the last few years. They basically consist of a young woman in a well-appointed apartment, reacting with delight to the latest Nintendo game. In this case, a game about two plumbers having adventures inside a giant lizard monster's digestive system. And then that plumber-eating lizard getting into fights with ... rocket-powered castles?

Along with these two ads, Nintendo released a nice, long trailer for Alphadream's latest RPG. To make a snap judgment, yay. It's colorful and well-animated, and seems to feature a wide variety of gameplay. Plus, playable Bowser. All three videos are after the break.


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