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Mercs on Virtual Console in North America soon, Twinbee, Bomberman '94 in Australia


Capcom announced today via their official blog that Mercs, the Sega Genesis sequel to Commando, will be available "soon" on the Virtual Console in North America. It's changing the title to Wolf of the Battlefield: Mercs, which both matches the Japanese title for the game and makes the connection more explicit between this game and Capcom's XBLA/PSN release, Wolf of the Battlefield: Commando 3. The name change, as implied by Capcom's Seth Killian, has less to do with branding and more to do with the Mercenaries series: "Let this be a lesson kids, register your IPs!"

In other Virtual Console news, the OFLC ratings board has revealed that Konami's Twinbee and Hudson's Bomberman '94 could show up on the VC soon. Twinbee for the Famicom never left Japan, though we got a sequel, Stinger.

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