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Microsoft sez next-gen Zune hardware / software is still "on track"

Darren Murph

Given just how shaky the economy as a whole has been of late, Microsoft's sour news in relation to the Zune isn't quite as shocking as it might be otherwise. That said, plenty of outlets publicly voiced their concern for the future of the line, but now Microsoft has hit back with assurance that everything's still moving ahead according to plan. In a recent interview, Adam Sohn, the Zune's director of marketing, said rather defensively that "every time anything comes up, there is a set of people who pull a Chicken Little and say, 'The Sky is Falling. Zune is dead.' " He continued by stating rather outrightly that Microsoft was "still on track to deliver the next generation of Zune innovation in software and hardware," noting that the planning was "fast and furious" and that "progress" would be delivered this calendar year. Welp, that settles that, huh?

[Thanks, Roger]

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