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Mirror's Edge Time Trial DLC delayed to February; PS3 exclusive map on 1/29


Ever wonder what Faith from Mirror's Edge dreams about? Tom Farrer, producer of Mirror's Edge, answered this question on the PlayStation.Blog: "She apparently dreams about enormous abstract sculptures floating above an endless sea!"

The upcoming time trial DLC pack for Mirror's Edge was originally scheduled for release tomorrow. However, Big Download reports that these additional races will come in February. The delay should give fans a bit more time to practice their skills -- the DLC adds new Trophies that only the most hardcore players will be able to achieve. (At the time of writing, we haven't seen if the 360 version will get new Achievements as well.)

While the premium maps won't be available until next month, PS3 owners will still be able to download a system-exclusive map on the PlayStation Store tomorrow. "Synethesia" will be free to all owners of the PS3 version of Mirror's Edge. A trailer can be seen after the break.

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