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Postal 2 to be featured in Nobel Prize museum

We'd wager that the first time the gaming community collectively booted up Running With Scissors' Gary Coleman-rich urination sim, Postal 2, we all shared the same thought: that this game absolutely needs to be showcased in some sort of museum commemorating mankind's greatest accomplishments. If memory serves, many of the title's reviews included similar sentiments.

Finally, that observation is being realized. Sweden's Nobel Museum, whose galleries are littered with installations denoting the achievements of Nobel laureates (as well as the life of the prize's progenitor, Alfred Nobel), will be including Postal 2 in a new exhibit titled "Freedom of Speech: How Free is Free?" The game will be included in a section that focuses on censorship in the video game industry. We're really happy such an exhibit exists; we just wish they'd picked a ... well, a good controversial game.

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