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Spendor breaks out its statement ST speaker

Steven Kim

Audiophiles who love the typically "dry" sound of British speakers will be familiar with the Spendor name. The company's BC1 and SP1 models are old-school audiophile classics, but Spendor has rolled out a new flagship ST model that at least looks great next to those bland-looking (but great sounding) boxes. The front inlay on the ported cabinet looks indulgent, no matter whether you opt for the ebony, zebrano or aluminum look and then the 7-inch Kevlar woofer, 7-inch polymer mid-bass and 1.1-inch tweeter finish off the package. The 58Hz - 20kHz response on the $8,995 per pair speaker isn't much to crow about, but then again, it really doesn't tell you how the speaker sounds in real life, either. Chances are if you're shopping this speaker, you've already formed a short list based on things that aren't on spec sheets.

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