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Trophies: Bejeweled 2


0 Platinum
1 Gold
4 Silver
7 Bronze
Difficulty: Moderate
Online Trophies? No
Time to Completion: 10 hours
DLC Trophies? No
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Gold Trophy
Complete Puzzle Mode

Silver Trophies
Six Shooter
Get a 6x Cascade
Create 200 Power Gems
Hypercube Hoarder
Create 50 Hypercubes
Dimensional Rift
Have 5 Hypercubes on the game board

Bronze Trophies
Classic Rock
Complete Level 5 in Classic Mode
Action Hero
Complete Level 5 in Action Mode
Casual Carat
Complete Level 10 in Endless mode
Destroy 12 gems in a single move
Diamonds are Forever
Make 3 blue matches in a row
Jewel Keeper
Clear 5,000 gems
100K Club
Score 100,000 in Action Mode or Classic Mode

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