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Boost launching at least four iDEN phones this year -- i465 included

Chris Ziegler

We've managed to get a look at launch documents for Boost Mobile's new $50 PayGo Unlimited plan, which just so happens to detail a few upcoming handsets for the scrappy little Sprint division. Look, we're not going to sugar-coat it -- it's not the most exciting lineup we've ever seen -- but then again, this is an iDEN carrier, and a low-cost one at that, so we've got to go into this with an open mind. First up, the venerable i290 candybar will see a $10 price drop to $39.99 on April 15, and if that's not a really awesome way to celebrate Tax Day, we don't know what is. Next, the text-focused i465 with QWERTY will swing by on June 15 for $109.99. A so-called "Banfi" will come on August 2 for $139.99, and while we can't really make out much about it, it appears to be a slider that might take some visual cues from the Z9 (in the same way the i9 takes cues from the V9, we suppose). Speaking of the i9, there's no sign of it here -- but we will get a "Mako" candybar on October 1 for $89.99. Anyone feeling a sudden, irresistible desire to do some push-to-talking?

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