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Harry Potter star overcame motor control impairment with video games


Throughout his life, actor Daniel Radcliffe has suffered from a "mild" form of dyspraxia, a developmental motor control impairment that affects not only physical coordination, but also learning. Radcliffe's dyspraxia is mostly limited to difficulty with small, precise tasks like writing or tying shoes.

He didn't let his handicap stop him from looking enough like Harry Potter to start a successful acting career, and his success in dealing with the dyspraxia may be partially attributable to our old friend video games. "I played a lot of video games as a kid which really helped it," Radcliffe told The Daily Beast. "It basically surfaces as bad coordination." And now Radcliffe's likeness can be seen in Harry Potter games, aiding the coordination of a new generation of kids unlucky enough to be burdened with both dyspraxia and Harry Potter games.

[Via GoNintendo]

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