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Ken Lally confirms voice work for Call of Duty 6

Dustin Burg

With all the recent talk of having Call of Duty 6 ready for a 2009 release, it should come as no surprise that COD6 (or Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, if you're a purist) is knee-deep in development. So says famed voice actor Ken Lally (RE5 star and Heroes veteran), who revealed to Coin-Op TV (see 45:30 mark of video) that he has done voice work for "Call of Duty 6," in addition to Dragon Age: Origins. How's that for confirmation? Sort of makes Activision's "speculative" comment seem .... well, speculative.

Update: We have removed this post from our front page at the request of Ken Lally, who is in some "hot water." C'mon Activision, what'd Ken really do wrong? Confirm his voice is in a game you already announced? He promoted your game -- for free! Let's cut the guy a break. Sheesh.

[Via Gamezine]

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