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Latest Nintendo financial report sees predictable, record growth


Before enslaving the planet and putting all of us to work in the mines, toiling away for mushrooms and fire flowers until we're nothing but skin, bones and broken dreams, Nintendo has seen fit to reveal its latest fiscal report. Summary: Nintendo makes money.

During the period of April to December 2008, Nintendo enjoyed global sales of 1,536 billion yen ($17 billion), an increase of almost 17% compared to the same period in 2007. Operating profits were also up to 501 billion yen ($5 billion), showing a 27% over the same period in 2007. It's not all sunshine and lollipops, however, as Nintendo reported losses of 18% in both recurring and net profits.

With Nintendo's 2008 fiscal year ending March 31st, it has upped its forecast as far as the DS is concerned, with hardware sales expected to rise by 3% to 31.5 million globally and software predicted to drop 7% to 193 million. Moving on to the Wii, Nintendo revised its prediction for both hardware and software sales -- predicted Wii sales drop 3% to 26.5 million systems and software lowers to 193 million games.

Finally, Nintendo reminds us why it's so popular with some rather large install base figures:

  • Total LTD shipments of Nintendo DS hardware were 96.22 million worldwide, along with more than 533 million games
  • Total LTD Wii shipments reached nearly 45 million worldwide, along with over 312 million games
  • The LTD shipment of Wii Fit reached 14 million, and Mario Kart Wii reached 13.67 million

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