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NFL to pay $28 million to retired players in Madden royalty dispute


Here's the deal: John Elway is relaxing at home, enjoying a cold glass of iced tea, perhaps watching clips of his glory days. His son Jack comes into the room and asks if he can play his Madden football game, because the Elways only have one huge TV for the whole family to share. John allows it, anxious to check out what his child is into these days, and little Jack loads up the game and picks an all-star team, with his daddy as Quarterback. John Elway sees himself in the game, but doesn't remember getting a royalties check and flips out. Well, John, no need to worry. You're going to get yourself some money now.

2,062 former NFL players filed a lawsuit over royalties for in-game likenesses recently, and Judge William Alsup upheld a jury's decision to pay these players upwards of $28 million after an appeal had been filed. This money will be coming directly from the NFL Players' Association, which violated the terms of group licensing agreements. With the NFL being worth quite a bit, it may seem like a drop in the bucket, but we're talking about a significant chunk of change here.

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