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PSA: The iPhone cannot play Xbox 360 software

Ladies and gentlemen, brace yourself: the iPhone cannot play Xbox 360 games. We know, we were surprised too. Wait, no we weren't. That's why the latest YouTube video making the rounds is so hilariously stupid. YouTube vagabond onlywhenpissed claims a crack he created allows gamers to play Halo 3 on a jail-broken iPhone 3G with the aide of 1337pwn's Friends List application. All it'll take for you to learn this secret is a few measly MS Points.

The scammer attempts to showcase his wizardry by playing the game on his iPhone in the video found after the jump. However, even those who require the assistance of a seeing eye dog can tell it's just a video of Halo 3 footage. The truth is the iPhone just doesn't have the horsepower to run any Xbox 360 software. So, you'd have about as much luck getting this trick to work by placing a Halo 3 disc on your pinkie while spinning it and making aircraft noises. Don't be a sucker. Hold onto your points.

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