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Sensio 3D tagged official, optional 3D standard by DVD Forum


Sensio is no new arrival to this 3D thing, claiming 10 years of investment, but count us among those surprised to find out its 3D technology has been deemed an optional DVD standard by the DVD Forum in a letter vote. Currently the only 3D standard for the home market that's quite a feat especially if you're expecting this 3D phenomenon to stick, but as HD DVD found out, the blessing of the DVD Forum may not be enough without hardware and software support to back it up. This is the same tech that powered the BCS Championship Game and the upcoming NBA All Star Weekend productions, and there's already a whole list of Sensio 3D movies available on their website if you've got compatible equipment, which includes many DVD players and projectors already available. Seems like Sensio 3D Compatible will be joining feature checklists next to DTS and the rest, now, to find out how the competition will respond.

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