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The Daily Grind: Who do you MMO with most, real-life or online friends?

William Dobson

In a past Daily Grind, we asked you how important your friends are to your MMO gaming, and how much influence friends have over which virtual world you reside in. What we didn't ask was whether those friends were people you knew in the flesh, or people you had met online, quite possibly in a game. Some of you did specify in your responses whether the friends that influenced you were RL or online, and it would seem that the answers differ quite a lot from person to person.

There are gamers out there with no real-life gamer friends, and one would assume that some of the strongest online friendships are between people from this category, as they finally find folks to share their hobby with. Others might be too hardcore, or not hardcore enough, to play with their real-life friends for a lot of the time. On the other hand, we know plenty of people that only ever play an MMO if they have at least one of their RL pals joining them. If you were to look at one month of your play-time in any particular MMO, would you have spent more time with real-life friends or with people you met online?

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