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The Last Remnant PC hitting Japan in April


If you believe most reviews, The Last Remnant's outing on the Xbox 360 was mired in technical issues, evoking the kind of strain and unexpected farting more closely associated with the plane-pulling segment of a strong man competition. The most obvious solution, then, is to get a bigger man or perhaps a better metaphor.

According to Japan's Famitsu magazine (via 1UP), the PC version of Square Enix's strategic RPG is set to arrive in the region on April 9 for the hefty price of ¥8,190 ($90). That heft nabs you the ability to speed up battle animations, include more leader-class characters in a union, preview equipment in the menu and switch between Japanese and terrible voice acting.

And, provided your rig has enough muscle, the Unreal-powered graphics should look (and hopefully perform) more in line with The Last Remnant's rampant epicness.

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