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First screens for Bubble Bobble WiiWare revealed


We may have caught a glimpse at the game already, thanks to some blurry Famitsu scans, but now we have some actual clear images -- and these look nice. We've always been big fans of the simple and charming approach of Bubble Bobble, so a WiiWare update to the franchise seems like a good fit.

If you pop over to Famitsu, you can see various screens from the game, which Famitsu reminds us will include 400 unique stages. In fact, the game also features a full recreation of the original Bubble Bobble, for those nostalgic folks out there. And there are even some high difficulty levels if you find capturing enemies in bubbles a bit too easy.

On top of that, this new WiiWare installment offers 4-player local co-op and a brand new enemy. It can be expanded further with 2 DLC packs, which will go for 200 Points each, with each individual pack offering 50 stages of high difficulty, quick-moving enemies and a unique boss character. There will also be Wi-Fi leaderboards, if you and your friends want to compare who can Bubble Bobble the best.

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