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New PSP puzzle game features ... NINJAS


Ninjas can make almost anything seem cool. Have early morning classes? Imagine how much cooler they'd be with ninjas. Having a boring lunch? A ninja could kill your lunch right in front of you. This new PSP puzzle game from From Software also spices up the genre with these cloaked warriors.

In Onore no Shinzuru Michi wo Yuke, players create shadow clones in order to solve puzzles. How does it work? Watch the video and find out. It starts off rather simply, with a lone ninja pulling a switch. However, the switch activates something that needs attention at the same time. The ninja's shadow clone replicates the actions of the first action, giving the second ninja time to act. But then, what if three things need to be done? Or four? That's where things get interesting, folks.

While many PSP games fail to see an international release, we're confident a publisher will pick up this rather intriguing game.

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