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Punch-Out!! coming first half 2009, and more US / Europe Nintendo release dates

Ross Miller

Nintendo has dropped a bob-omb of release dates for 2009 (via Videogamer). While mostly vague launch windows -- some of which will still likely be missed -- New Play Control! Pikmin and Mario Tennis will hit Europe February 6 and March 3, respectively, with the US getting both sometime in March. Other notable titles include Pokemon Platinum (March 22 for US, sometime 2009 for Europe) and Punch-Out!! (first half of 2009 for both regions).

Additionally, the Big N said Europeans will be able to welcome the DSi into their homes sometime this spring or summer -- not exactly the most narrow window there, and nothing we haven't already heard since president Satoru Iwata said the portable would be launching worldwide by summer 2009. Check out the the full list for Europe and US after the break.

Note: titles without release dates are already available in the respective region.

Mystery Case Files: MillionHeir
(Feb 2 Europe)
Walk with me! Do you know your walking routine? (Feb 20 Europe, 2009 US as Personal Trainer: Walk with Me!)
Pokemon Platinum (2009 Europe, March 22 US)
Rhythm Paradise / Heaven (2009, Europe and US)
Mario and Luigi RPG 3 (2009, Europe and US)
Kirby Super Star Ultra
(2009 Europe)
Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon (Feb 16 US)

New Play Control! Pikmin (Feb. 6 Europe, March US)
New Play Control! Mario Power Tennis (March 3 Europe, March US)
Punch Out!! (First half 2009, Europe and US)
Wii Sports Resort (2009 Europe, first half 2009 US)
Sin & Punishment 2 (2009, Europe and US)
Another Code R and Endless Ocean 2 (2009 Europe)
New Play Control! Pikmin 2 (First half 2009, Europe)

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