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Sony: PS3 will remain most expensive console

Unless you resort to more unconventional methods of console acquisition, the PlayStation 3 is going to run you a bit more than the 360 and Wii. It's always been that way -- and according to Sony Computer Entertainment Europe head David Reeves, it's going to remain that way for some time to come. His reasoning? The only way for Sony to weather the current financial squall is to protect themselves -- "It's like being an armadillo," Reeves said, in our favorite simile of 2009 thus far.

Reeves told Eurogamer that Sony isn't denying the possibility of a PS3 price cut, stating, "It is possible that as the cost [of manufacturing] comes down, we will be able to do it," though there are no explicit plans to do so. For the time being, the PS3 will remain on top of the price point totem pole -- unless Nintendo decides to double the price of the Wii, which due to the grim forces of supply and demand, it could ostensibly get away with.

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