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Trophies: Eat Lead


1 Platinum
2 Gold
9 Silver
39 Bronze
Difficulty: Easy
Online Trophies? No
Time to Completion: 15 hours
DLC Trophies? No
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Platinum Trophy

King of Hazard Land!
Earn all Trophies in the game. "You. Are. The. MAN! (Unless you are a lady. In which case, I apologize.)"

Gold Trophies

Hazard Master
Complete the game on the Maximum Hazard difficulty setting. "You've done this before, haven't you?"

Meet Quentin.
Meet Quentin. "DUDE!!!!!"

Hidden (Highlight to read)

Silver Trophies

Feeling Punchy
Defeat five enemies in a row using melee combat. "Not as fast as shooting...but it sure is satisfying."

Head of the Class
Score 100 headshots. "Don't lose your head! Oh...too late."

Better Than One
Score two headshots with one bullet. "Eat lead...both of you!"

Just a Flesh Wound
Complete a level without dying. "Eight million corpses in this level...and you're not one of them."

Complete the game on the Major Hazard difficulty setting. " least you didn't have it set to 'Easy...'"

...Where Credit is Due
Watch the credits from beginning to end. "Hey...aren't they the guys who made Dead Head Fred?"

Tramm Ride
Defeat the Tentacle Beast of Tramm. "One-two shot right to the tenticles."


Deja-Vu (All Over Again)
Defeat Sting Sniperscope yet AGAIN on Level 7. "I. Have had. Enough. Of YOU!"


Beat the Snot out of Wellesley with My Bare Hands
Defeat Wally Wellesley in the final boss battle. "Like I said..."


Bronze Trophies

Start your first game. "Thanks for buying my game. I'm sure you'll enjoy it. --Sincerely, Matt Hazard"

Take 5.
Pause the game for the first time. "Hey...come back here and play!"

Straight-A Student
Complete all of the in-game tutorials. "Like I had any choice..."

Hands-On Approach
Defeat an enemy using melee combat. "I don't need a stinkin' gun to deal with YOU!"

Perform 10 single-hit melee kills. "In Hazard Land, the hand can be used like a knife."

Score 20 headshots. "A shot in the head is worth two in the chest."

Score 50 headshots. "That's using your head!"

Kill 50 enemies with the Hazard pistol. "Frag you."

Kill 50 enemies with the shotgun. "That was a blast!"

Auto Dealer
Kill 50 enemies with the sub-machinegun. "You would think this one would have been automatic. Get it? Automatic? Nothing?"

Russian Attack
Kill 50 enemies with the AK-47. "They might be socialists, but they make a pretty good gun."

Peekaboo...I Shot You!
Kill 50 enemies with the Sniper Rifle. "Zoom, pow! Right to the moon."

Blind Luck
Kill 25 enemies using blind fire. "Sorry. Didn't see you standing there."

Second Amendment
Kill at least one enemy with every available gun. "The developers put all those guns in the game for a reason..."

Say "No" to Pots
Shoot 30 potted plants. "Look at 'em. Just sittin' there, bein' all green and stuff. They were askin' for it!"

Fire Hazard
Shoot and destroy 30 fire extinguishers. "Extinguishers. They're not just for fires anymore."

Destroy 20 destructible cover objects. "I know it's a waste of ammo...but I LOVE that de-rez effect!"

Blow up 50 explosive objects. "Hey...I didn't pay for 'em. Why should I care?"

No Pain, No Gain
Kill an enemy with an explosive that also damages you. "That's gonna hurt me more than it hurts you. Well...maybe not quite as much."

Maxx Karnage
Collect 20 Hazard pickups. "Maxx Karnage...sounds like a cool action hero name."

Shield Master
Collect 20 Master Shield pickups. "It's not like I was afraid of dying...I just wanted the trophy!"

Hazard Avoider
Complete the game on the Minor Hazard difficulty setting. "Sure you GRANDMOTHER could win on 'Easy!'"

Multiplayer Master!
"What? No multiplayer? Sigh. Well...not like we can take the trophy back NOW..."


Disco is Dead
Defeat Sonny Tang. "Sonny, YOUR ass is kicked!"


Defeat Sting Sniperscope. "Your present ends now."


Head Cheese
Kill all enemies in the butcher shop with head shots. "Nice shooting! But it's not like you're PAYING for that ammo. Feel free to use more."


Meat Your Maker
Destroy all of the meat in the Level 2 meat locker. "Have a beef with the owner? Steaking your claim? Beating your...hey, I can go on all day."


Kill 50 enemies with the Dual-Wield Six-Shooters. "Now all we need is the spaghetti..."


Bedlam Basher
Kill a Bandit from behind with a melee attack. "Good for you. Coward."


Dances With Guns
Complete both nightclub encounters without any of the dance-bots being destroyed. "Do dancing robots dream of disco sheep?"


Russian to the Finish
Defeat General Neutronov. "From Hazard, With Love."


Defeat Sting Sniperscope again in Level 3. "Your present ends now. Again."


Death Hazard
Score 20 single-shot Zombie kills. "Don't these things usually hang out in shopping malls?"


Housing Crisis
Escape from Dexter's mansion. "I gotta get me a house like THAT!"


Pure Energy
Kill 50 enemies with the Energy Pistol. "Blaster? I hardly know 'er!"


Well, I Heard Them Scream
Kill 50 enemies with the Plasma Rifle. "Plasma Rifles--they're not just for Space Marines anymore."


Your Turn
Defeat Altos Tratus. "Forecast for the next level: no more clouds."


"What do you mean the interrogation feature was cut?!? Here...just take the trophy."


Observe the Grenade
Kill 3 Tester employees with a single shot from the grenade launcher. "Test the grenades: check!"


Helpful Link: Trophy Guide and Roadmap

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