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What recession? CEA sees the Super Bowl selling 2.6 million HDTVs


Despite the economy, it looks like a lot of people love their in-laws, with things looking good enough for a Consumer Electronics Association survey to indicate 2.6 million HDTVs will be sold as a result of the Super Bowl (are you ready?), up from the two million predicted last year. For the year the group sees sales rising to 29.8 million (out of 34.5 million total digital TVs), topping 2008's tally by a good three million, mostly because prices have continued to drop. Probably due to that price factor, plasma TVs are expected to make up only 10 percent of the year's sales. Still not buying an HDTV for the Super Bowl? Don't worry, there's always March Madness, the Oscars, World Cup, World Table Tennis Championships, the day after next Tuesday...

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