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WRUP: Skipping Wrathgate edition


Leveling, questing, PvPing, raiding, Lunar Festival achievements... that's what the WoW Insider team is doing this weekend: a little bit of everything. And if you aren't up to anything Saturday afternoon, you could join us for some fun with our guild, It Came from the Blog, on Zangarmarsh (US), Horde-side, to hang out, collect some festival coins, and chat. But some of us, apparently, have been skipping Wrathgate, a quest-chain which is without question one of the most impressive in the game. Why would anyone do that to themselves?

Michael Gray explains it for us: Fishing up Old Crafty, so I can complete my Warthgate quest series. I really want to finish levelling my Paladin, but Old Crafty mocks me. In my sleep. In nightmares. Like some drooling, fanged monster.

And apparently Michael isn't the only one. Daniel chimed in to say "I leveled from 1 to 270 fishing in Instance Ogrimmar before finally giving up and finishing Wrathgate. Then I came back later and got Crafty on the second cast. Old Ironjaw in Ironforge still eludes me though." But, sadly, not all of us thought up this strategy in advance. Matt Rossi joined in with, "Wait, you're not finishing Wrathgate so you can go to the Org that's phased for Martial Law? Sneaky, I like it."

For the rest of the team -- and to add your own thoughts on skipping Wrathgate -- read on!

Adam Holisky: I'm leveling my Shaman up to 72. My girlfriend will likely be sitting down with me to play a little WoW this weekend as well. We'll have to see how that goes!
Alex Ziebart: More work on Sartharion +3, and when I'm not doing that I'll probably be trying to trudge through the last few levels to 80 on my Paladin. I'm loathing chugging through Northrend yet another time this rapidly, but I really want to try out tanking at 80. Hopefully it'll be worth it.
Amanda Dean: Running heroics and raids with my guildies. I'm so proud of my team. We're still working up to a full raid group, but we've got some awesome people.
Amanda Miller: Taking a break! I can't wait. Now I have some time to get some work done, grocery shop, and the like. It sounds less exciting now that I have written it down.
Chase Christian: My Holy Paladin is now 80, going to work on gearing her out in Heroics. Because playing one FOTM class (Rogue) just wasn't enough!
Daniel Whitcomb: I've taken it into my head to get Netherwing Reputation on my Death Knight, if only for the 100 mount achievement's sake, so I'll be doing those dailies and maybe some extra egg-hunting to push myself into honored. I've also been working a bit on my DPS set, to which end I am grinding Ebon Blade reputation via dungeons and dailies. I may also have my Hunter go visit some elders for the Lunar festival, if only for the reputation.
Dan O'Halloran: Will be making the push to 450 on mining while finishing the Dragonblight quests for the Achievement and slogging through 79 on my Druid on the way to sweet, sweet 80. Oh, and more Lunar Festival Elder stalking.
Elizabeth Harper: One more Elder on my to-do list and then I'm on to the next holiday! Whee!
Jennie Lees: Trying to find a way to avoid doing Naxx six times this reset (again). And probably finishing up Fishing achievements 'cos I've run out of other stuff to do. :(
Krystalle Voecks: Duty calls! I'll be doing back-to-back instance runs to grind to 80 as it seems my guild needs me to get my arse back into the raid leader rotation. Ah well, it was fun taking it slow while it lasted. *grin*
Lisa Poisso: I think (/holds nose and gasps) I may finally dig in and work on Sons of Hodir rep.
Matthew Rossi: Sarth 3D and maybe the next Fallout DLC.
Matt "Matticus" Low: Polishing off the Elder achievements. Possibly going for Immortal. Note: Ran into a Paladin named "Barrymanalow". Best. Name. Ever.
Michael Sacco: completing my four-piece bonus and possibly not hoarding DKP anymore.
Robin Torres: The It Came from the Blog Lunar Festival event on Saturday and probably more coin collecting while watching the Super Bowl on Sunday.
Zach Yonzon: It's Warsong Gulch weekend. With an extra 10 reputation per flag capture, it's just about the best time to grind for Warsong Outrider, which is the only thing I need for Master of Warsong Gulch. I'm totally prepared for my brain to melt.
And you -- what are you playing this weekend?

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