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Denon delays Japanese delivery of its DVD-A1UD universal Blu-ray deck

Steven Kim

Have you been waiting for Denon's DVD-A1UD universal Blu-ray player to fill that gaping hole in your equipment rack left when sold your SACD, DVD-A and Blu-ray decks on eBay? Be prepared to wait a little longer than expected -- the Japanese launch, originally set for January, has been moved out by a couple of months due to a "delay in the launch of production." That means the February US release is right out, and we wouldn't be surprised to see the European availability slip from its March date either. It looks like sister company Marantz's BD8002 will have to serve D&M Holdings' kilobuck Blu-ray player market for a while longer. Hit the link for the bad news, made worse by machine translation.

[Via Electronista]

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