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Dissidia sequel would be 'very difficult,' says Nomura


The PSP-exclusive Final Fantasy brawler may be the only fighting game featuring the famed RPG characters for quite some time. Tetsuya Nomura revealed in the Japanese "Ultimania" strategy guide that a sequel isn't in the works, in spite of plans to originally make one. (Translation via 1UP) "There are no current plans for a sequel. To be honest, I wanted to do one up until a few months ago. I even called [Mitsunori] Takahashi, the planning director, and [Ryuji] Ikeda, the lead programmer, to talk about sequel concepts -- I told them to think about what they were going to do and prepare themselves [to make a sequel]."

Although there was intent to create a sequel, it appears that idea is dead. Nomura said that making a sequel would be "very difficult," although didn't provide any details. Considering Dissidia isn't out in the US yet, we're still waiting for the original game before clamoring for a sequel.


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