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Blu-ray releases on February 3rd 2009

Ben Drawbaugh

If you like comedies, then you're going to love this week. Not only do both of the day-and-date titles look funny -- Seth Rogen's Make a Porno is definitely hilarious -- but some of our favorite classic comedies from Fox are finally on Blu. Speaking of which, Fox really came through this week, we mean who doesn't like Napoleon Dynamite, Office Space and Sideways? All we can have to say about that is we're not drinking ** Merlot and vote for Pedro. This week we're also trying something a little different with the links. Instead of leading you to reviews of the movies, we're directing you to Netflix so you can easily add the movies to your queue. But don't worry if you prefer reviews, because if this doesn't work out we'll go back to the old way.

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