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Game industry still hiring, notable job postings listed

Jason Dobson

It's easy to get bummed out reading about industry layoffs day in and day out. Trust us, writing about them isn't any day at the beach either. Still, there is hope for industry hopefuls scouring want ads openings, and Gamasutra blog GameSetWatch has compiled a list of what it's deemed the most "notable" openings recently posted to its sister site's job board.

Among them, Other Ocean Interactive, the studio responsible for the Xbox Live port of Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, is seeking a new producer to join its team, while Warner Bros. is hoping to cull an engineering director from the ranks of the unemployed. Namco is looking for multiple folks willing to tinker with mobile games, and LEGO Universe dev NetDevil is interested in hiring someone to head up programming on its space combat MMO, Jumpgate Evolution. Even Midway wants in on the hiring action, though we'd advise anyone interested in signing up there also get fitted for a life vest.

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