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BlackBerry Pearl 8230 caught in Verizon garb

Chris Ziegler

We've been hearing some idle chatter that RIM intends to redo its Pearl 8220 flip in a CDMA flavor any minute now -- and RIM's one of the best manufacturers in the game at spreading its wealth equally between the GSM and CDMA sides of the fence, so an 8230 model seemed like a foregone conclusion from the moment the 8220 was announced. Sure enough, we now have a shot of a Verizon-branded 8230 doing its thing -- not really what Bold hopefuls on Verizon were hoping for, we'd imagine, but a solid consumer-grade offering nonetheless. The fella who posted the shot over on CrackBerry's forums doesn't know what colors will be available at launch, but mentions that he expects it'll be "coming soon." CTIA in April, perhaps?

[Via Boy Genius Report]

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