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Coke Superbowl ad says: Get a life, buy soda... nerds

Kyle Horner

What's apparently a sign of social ineptitude? Playing online games. At least according to the Coca Cola company, who last Sunday ran an avatar-themed advert that carried with it a strong message: Stop wasting your life with online games, and drink our acidic, sugar-infused soda instead.

You can find the commercial after the cut, along with some more slightly baffled commentary.

While the video itself isn't overtly mocking of online gaming (it also contains a bemusing moment where an Orc avatar is revealed as" generic hot girl #3") it's a distant echo of Coke's previous online gaming message to the Chinese just a few short years back.

Remember this little ditty?

Hey, look at that! They found a treasure chest full of the greatest thing ever: Coke.

We're wondering if Coke is aware that people who use the internet for online gaming are also likely aware of say, ads in other countries.

So what's the best way to create unreasonable disdain for your product? Pander to whatever audience you think will happen to be watching your commercial at any given moment. Great job!

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