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How many broadcasters will switch off analog in February no matter what?


The House Rules Committee should be deciding the fate of a possible DTV delay right about now, but no matter what happens, many stations will be shutting down analog broadcasts no matter what. Broadcast Engineering talked to WTVP-TV in Peoria's general manager who claims the station will save $7 - $10k per month in power costs alone, and as such wants to stick with the original transition date rather than continuing to power two transmitters. Two other stations in the area, WEEK-TV and WHOI-TV intend to shut down before June 12 no matter what, assuming the FCC lets them, and they are not alone. Of course, there's still some dispute over how many stations will be able to switch early if the delay passes, due to possible interference with other stations in the area, and thne concerns over how quickly public safety groups can slide into the open spectrum. The final consideration offered: while the current transition date is in the middle of winter weather up north, many coastal states will be two weeks into hurricane season at the time of the June 12 cutoff.

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