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Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings includes unlockable Fate of Atlantis [update]


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LucasArts has released the first screens of (the Wii version of) Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings. While they may not look as great as the obviously pre-rendered trailer, the new Wii/PSP/PS2/DS adventure has an intriguing feature list that may help us look past the jaggies-plus-bloom combo.

The game's "Hot Set" environments are "completely interactive," full of objects and features that can be used as weapons. Staff of Kings also features action sequences allowing players to "fly a biplane in a canyon trench, take the reigns of a wild elephant through the streets of Istanbul and navigate a raft down a raging river." The biplane sequence, along with a tank battle game, is even unlockable as a four-player minigame! Even the main game allows for cooperative play.

The Wii version, of course, uses the Wii Remote to control the whip, for both fighting and environmental interaction. The PSP version apparently contains six short-session "burst gameplay" modes, which sound like individual challenge levels.

But, really, who cares about this game: you can unlock the classic adventure game, Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis! We aren't sure which systems have the unlockable game; the official website doesn't specify, so maybe it's all of them!

[Update: We've heard back from a rep at LucasArts, who tells us that "The Fate of Atlantis will be on the Wii version only." Sorry, DS gamers. We know ... the stylus seems perfect!]

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