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MTV teams up with Mega Man to compare console download speeds


Since the beginning of this console generation, one question has been on the minds of ... probably a few people, at some point: which home console is the fastest downloader? To answer that question, the staff of MTV Multiplayer engaged in an informal experiment using the one game shared by PSN, XBLA, and WiiWare: Mega Man 9.

The winner? It's kind of complicated! For one thing, it turns out that the Wii version of the game is much smaller: just 8.3 MB versus 63 MB on PSN and 88.7 on XBLA, necessitating a MB/sec measurement. In addition, the download speeds varied for the three members of the Multiplayer team, preventing a definitive answer. They tested the download speeds of various other (non-shared) games and got the same all-over-the-place results.

In the end, they were able to come to a useful conclusion: the PlayStation 3 downloaded games more quickly over a wireless connection, and the Xbox 360 downloaded games more quickly overall (because of its use of a wired connection). You guys can probably get some kind of fanboy boast out of that if you really want to.

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