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Panasonic Z1 plasmas bring WirelessHD to Japan first


Interested in obtaining Panasonic's 1-inch thick first-with-WirelessHD Z1 series 1080p plasma -- before this summer? Hope you've got a good connect in Japan, because this baby is touching down April 20, complete with YouTube and 2.4GHz remote. Thanks to the slim 40,000:1 contrast ratio NeoPDP panel and ability to work without the usual assortment of cables it was born for stylish wall mounting in your appropriately adorned apartment as pictured above. Throw in half the power consumption of last year's PZ800 model and you've got a very attractive package. Checking in with ¥700,000 (about $7,835) 54-inch, ¥600,000 (about $6,715) 50-inch, and ¥550,000 ( about $6,156) 46-inch models our jealousy extends far across the Pacific, but until these get a U.S. ship date and pricetag, your closest look lies within our CES gallery.

[Via AV Watch]

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