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Let's Tap on tap for North America this summer [update]


We don't think 61FPS's John Constantine would lie about Sega planning to release Let's Tap in North America, but, well, there hasn't been an announcement yet, so we're going to label this a rumor for now. Sega has previously shown definite interest in localizing the title, for what it's worth.

According to Constantine, Sega is indeed taking the risk and localizing Prope's bizarre minigame collection, which is controlled by tapping a box onto which a Wii Remote has been placed. The North American version will contain the same four modes found in Japan: Tap Runner, a multiplayer race across an obstacle course; Bubble Voyager, an abstract sidescrolling shooter; Silent Blocks, a tap-controlled Jenga-type game; Visualizer, which displays imagery that responds to your tapping; and Rhythm Tap, a rhythm game similar to Taiko Drum Master or Donkey Konga.

It may be another minigame collection on the Wii, but, well, we've been humming the theme music for months. Add the unique hands-off controls and the involvement of Yuji Naka, and we are thrilled to have a chance to play this. If this announcement is real.

Update: Sega sent out a press release confirming the game for this summer!

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