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Sprint launches Premier program for insanely loyal customers and big spenders

Chris Ziegler

Many carriers have informal, rarely-discussed policies in place for sliding goodies under the table to their most valuable, longest-tenured customers, but Sprint's taking it to the next level with its new Premier program. Designed to dispense "perks, privileges and discounts that drive higher satisfaction," Premier automatically kicks in after 10 -- yes, ten -- years of loyal Sprint service and includes new customer handset pricing once per year, special offers on trips and tickets to events, free gifts on their service anniversary, early access to new devices, and discounts on accessories. All told, it's a nice little package -- but considering that you need a full 120 months of paid Sprint bills under your belt before this materializes and or you need to be on a plan of $69.99 or higher, the overwhelming majority of us don't need to be worrying about it too much.

[Via Phone Scoop]

Update: You need to be a customer for ten years, or you need to be on an individual line of $69.99 or higher or a family line of $99.99 or higher for at least three months. Makes it a little more palatable, eh? Thanks, everyone!

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