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VC Tuesday: Super Pole 'n Ghosts


Though we aren't monitoring an actual Japanese Wii to be sure, we're quite confident that the SuperGrafx version of Ghouls 'n Ghosts, originally slated for October, will actually be available today on the Virtual Console in Japan. Hudson is totally not making much of a big deal about it, labeling it as a plain PC Engine game and selling it for 600 Points -- not the 800 that CD-ROM titles command! But we think it's really cool to see a representative from such a rare and obscure system on the Virtual Console.

It's joined by some shmups: L-Dis, a cute-em-up from Cho Aniki developer NCS, Formation Z, a Famicom shooter from the late Jaleco, and Galaxy Force II, which might as well not exist without the super-fun arcade machine. The one WiiWare game this week is the fantastic-looking retro-parody game from Sega, Pole's Big Adventure.

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