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Watch Lara explore her basement in 'Beneath the Ashes'


Eidos has released a developer diary video talking up the soon-to-be-released, Xbox 360 exclusive "Beneath the Ashes" episode for Tomb Raider: Underworld. For those just joining us, the new level sees Lady Croft discovering that her home's basement has ... a basement. And that, in addition to being very large, it's also chockablock with traps. We're guessing her realtor wasn't big on total disclosure.

The video offers up our first good look at the DLC, with principals on the project revealing that it contains puzzles even more ... puzzling than those in the retail game. It's also quite "creepy," "spooky" and "scary" -- as the viewer is told, oh, a dozen times or so. See for yourself ... unless you scare, spook or get creeped out easily.

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