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DoubleTap games formed, aimed at DS

Jason Dobson

A pair of 'key execs' from THQ's recently axed Helixe game studio have banded together to form a new development company called DoubleTap Games. Prior to being dissolved as part of THQ's 'significant business realignment,' Helixe focused on creating games such as Wall-E and Ratatouille for the Nintendo DS. Now, without the benefit of THQ's numerous movie licenses, DoubleTap aims to bring "new games and franchises" to Nintendo's portable later in 2009.

The Cambridge, Massachusetts-based outfit is headed by Kurt Bickenbach and Richard Corredera, with a developer staff the company boasts as having more than 50 years of collective experience with such outfits as Looking Glass Studios, Sony Online Entertainment and, of course, THQ. No specific details regarding the company's plans have been announced, though Corredera states that DoubleTap has "great publisher relationships and a few titles already on the slate for development." In these tough economic times, it's always warming to hear of those adversely affected who are able to move on and jump right back into the skillet.

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