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DVD Forum's latest standard, DVD-Download for DL revealed in licensing specs


It's been months since the DVD Download DL logo surfaced, offering little info for anyone trying to figure out how this might play into Toshiba's post-HD DVD anything-but-Blu-ray plans, but now that it's available to licensees we got a peek at the details behind the spec. Approved by the DVD Forum, it's a standard for content providers to send deliver movies as a disk image that can be burned onto a DVD complete with CSS encryption, Qflix-style. That includes print to order service providers like CustomFlix CreateSpace or even home users downloading a legitimate flick over the Internet. The net benefit? It's guaranteed to play on any standard DVD player, although given the ease with which nearly anyone can download and burn less-legitimate copies nowadays, the biggest potential plus we see would be an in store kiosk that burns discs while you wait, saving SKUs and packaging costs for suckers who bought the special edition. Check out the conformance guideline PDF straight from the Forum for more details, we'll let the BDA know they can stop holding their breath, if they ever were.

[Via Format War Central]

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