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Masdar City's driverless podcars are more shuttle than Johnny Cab

Tim Stevens

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Welcome to the future of urban transportation, a driverless taxi that will get you where you're going without any unpleasant human interaction or labor disputes. This is the PRT (Personal Rapid Transit) podcar from Zagato, a fully electric and fully automated taxi system set to shuttle people around Masdar City, an eco-utopia under development in Abu Dhabi that pledges to have no carbon footprint and no real roads, leaving these to buzz along underground at a leisurely 15 mph. Unlike other prototype autonomous taxis we've seen these will initially only be able to go between set locations, but the hope is that in the not too distant future they'll take you to within 100 meters of any location in the city -- hopefully with the accompaniment of Robert Picardo's unique vocal talents.

[Via Switched]

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