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RC33 G1 firmware update gets detailed in full


We've already heard of one big new feature included in the RC33 firmware update for the G1, but with the update now trickling out into the wild, we've finally got the complete rundown of what's been added and fixed. Leading the list of additions is the ability to check for software updates, and receive automatic updates in the Android Market when an updated application is available. You'll also now be able to take advantage of Google Voice Search, save pictures received as MMS, and report comments in the Market as spam when you see fit. The update also apparently fixes some messaging stability issues, as well as a problem with a lack of reminders on calendar items, and a pesky issue that caused some G1s to hang at the G1 screen. Hit up the link below for the complete breakdown, and keep an eye on your handset for the over-the-air update.

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