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Rumor: Band of Brothers breaks apart in EVE, GoonSwarm responsible


One of the oldest and best known alliances has broken apart in EVE Online today. Band of Brothers (BoB) has disbanded, or been disbanded, under circumstances which have not fully yet come to light. Band of Brothers is well-known for their role in "The Great War" in EVE for their fierce opposition to GoonSwarm alliance and their allies over the years. Through that war they claimed such firsts as the first Titan ship kill through their conflict with Ascendant Frontier, and have been well-known amongst the media.

Current rumors suggest that this was a GoonSwarm infiltration, but as of this posting this is unconfirmed. Multiple sources suggest that a director of the alliance has defected to GoonSwarm, stealing billions worth of assets, and compromising the sovereignty that Band of Brothers had previously established. will keep you up to date as more information is known about this major EVE event.

Update: GoonSwarm has released a audio file (NSFW), allegedly explaining what happened. This account is still, however, unconfirmed.

(Thanks, Six Strangelove!)

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