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The Daily Grind: Bringing more to the WAR

Many people were a bit stunned yesterday when we heard the subscriber numbers for Warhammer Online. The general impression given by EA/Mythic about this triple A title was that they were entering the MMO space to compete directly with the 800 pound gorilla that is World of Warcraft. Now with announcing 300k subscribers in December, we're curious as to what precisely those numbers mean in terms of where Mythic wanted to be, and what their plans are for the future to increase them.

For those of you who love Warhammer Online - and those of you who hate it - what do you think Mythic needs to look at doing to bring the subscriber base up? Should they consider server merges - despite rather putting their foot in their mouths regarding it? Perhaps giving the PvE game an overhaul? New and exciting RvR concepts? Recruit-a-friend perks? How would you help build up Warhammer Online's subscriber numbers if you were given the chance?

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