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Valve mocks PS3 listing of Left 4 Dead

Valve's collective, gusto-infused dislike of the PlayStation 3 seemed like it had abated when marketing director Mike Lombardi stated the company's intent to try to tap in to the system's growing user base late last year. However, old habits die hard -- when questioned about a listing for an EA-developed, PS3 version of Left 4 Dead on the site of British retailer HMV, a Valve representative soldered his tongue to his cheek, and replied, "Fantastic. I can't wait to see it."

Could this be the annoyed, outright denial of an extremely-oft-rumored title -- or is it a flexing of Valve's developmental muscles in response to EA's lackluster (though short) history with bringing Newell's brainchildren to the PS3? We're sure to know one way or the other by June 5 -- according to HMV, that's when the Zombocalypse sim is coming to Sony's big black box.

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