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Blizzard gives E3 the cold shoulder


Blizzard doesn't need you, E3! "Activision Blizzard Inc." is showing up at E3, but one half of that power couple already plans to stay home and count its money ... and laugh at all the broken homes it's created with World of Warcraft. Giant Bomb has been told by a Blizzard rep. that the powerhouse developer will "not be attending or participating in E3 2009."

Don't worry, kids. If you want to touch the Blizzard goods, it'll probably be at a public event and the company is gonna make you pay for the privilege! Put that $100 aside for Blizzcon now (if it happens this year) and prepare to hit F5 like a monkey as soon as tickets go on sale for a (slim) chance to enter the Blizzaphile lovefest.

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